Delivery & Shipping


What is the minimum order for Free Delivery?

Enjoy FREE DELIVERY with Bill Amount Rs.999


What is the delivery charge if I purchase less than Rs.999?

From Rs.351 – Rs.998 we will charge Rs.50 as Delivery or Shipping Charge, and we do not proceed any orders which is less than Rs.350


Do you do same day delivery?

Sorry at the moment We don’t have Same Day Delivery option


What would be the process time to deliver after completed my Order ?

Since we are setting up for suppliers in wide network initially it would take 24 hours to do process on your order


What would be the earliest Delivery Time for Foods and other Provision Products?

If you order Groceries, Beverages, Vegetables, Fruits, Body Care, Baby Food and other provisions we can deliver after 24 hours process time.

Example : If you Order Sunday 10pm, you can receive after Monday 10pm based on your slot chosen

Other Category Products like Fashion, Clothing, and Electronics are min 3 to 10 working days based on the stock availability from supplier, view product description to know more about the delivery period and other required info


Do you Deliver Foods , Fresh and Frozen Products to all Over India or Overseas?

No.. we do deliver Foods , Fresh and Frozen only with in Pondicherry Area Limit, Please refer our Map to know about the delivery covering area and name list of the places


Can I choose my Delivery Date and Time for my Convenience?

Yes..Of course you can choose your own date and time slot from our calendar at the end of checkout page.


Weekly how many days you deliver and what are all the time slot available?

For your convenience we have delivery slot every 2 hours from 9am to 10pm on all seven days.


Can you Delivery my Gifts, Bouquet or Cakes to my Friends , Relatives, Family Members with my messages on behalf of me?

Yes..Of course we are very happy to share you feeling with your loved ones when you are not here, but currently this service available only at Pondicherry and soon our partners will increase the network on all other cities.